I hate Mars !

-Have I told you how much I hate this place ? asked Barchus
-About a million times.
-Seriously, why are we returning here empty handed ? You Know Hadden will want to know what happened to his cargo. Don't expect a warm welcome.

As the two APCs were slopping down the last miles of the canyon, Durk looked in the rearview mirror at their last grenade launcher, firmly locked into place. He took one last puff, then gently crushed his cigarette on the dashboard.

- I am sure we'll find a way to warm things up. He smiled.

The Century War.

Pierre santamaria i hate mars pierresantamaria 300dpi
Pierre santamaria raw render mars

Raw render

Pierre santamaria assets thumbnails copy

3D assets & Thumbnail
I did the 3D elements by following Jama Jurabaev's Blender Tutorials.